Our goal is to develop business by organizing and scaling it effectively
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We Were Established to Build Company Value

We operate as an investor helping innovative originators to develop promising organizations.

When we consider our mission complete, we sell our shares to the original shareholders, industry investors, or financial investors in a manner beneficial to the further development of the enterprise.

Cyrek Ventures is part of the Cyrek Holding group, which employs over 100 people and generates revenues exceeding 30 million annually.


Within the holding company, we have created a self-sustaining B2B ecosystem fueled not by investors or external funds but by revenues from the sale of services and products.
Our activities annually generate 1 billion PLN revenue for clients served by Cyrek Holding.
Over more than 14 yearswe have collaborated with companies at various stages of development.
From micro-organizations taking their first steps to extensive international corporations, we know the obstacles entrepreneurs face in Poland. Moreover, we have defeated them ourselves

Financial Contribution

Our financial contribution does not exceed 250,000 PLN – only in particularly justified cases do we foresee exceptions to this rule.

Equity Participation

We take a minority stake in the company – the business owner should have full control over the organization, which is "the work of their life"

Financial Support

We offer additional financial support in the form of low-interest loans.


Our time horizon is from 3 to 5 years – if we receive a buyout offer from external industry, financial investors, or the company's main shareholder that is advantageous for the fund, we will certainly consider it.

Scope of Service

We take over marketing activities, financial management, graphic and development support, as well as employer branding, ensuring that key processes are carried out in a manner that leads to the achievement of the set goals


A company operating for more than 2 years (without interruptions)
A real business model and revenues of no less than 2,000,000 PLN annually and demonstrable profit
Operating in the area of e-commerce or scalable B2B and B2C services
commitment, individual predispositions, competence, and experience of the business owner
No conflict of interest at the level of the holding company and the fund

Preparation Process

Submitting the Form
Submitting the application formSubmit an inquiry
Initial Interview
Initial interview and basic business analysis
Full business audit
Full business audit (finance, marketing, business model, team, brand, perspectives)
Setting Goals
Setting business and ownership goals and the intended period of acceleration
Defining Terms
Defining the terms of share purchase by Cyrek Ventures
We Start!
We start implementing all goals!

How We Operate

We organize finances, liquidity, and organizational structure
We support team building and employer branding
We design the company's business strategy for the coming years based on ownership goals
We handle logistics, warehousing, fulfillment, shipping, and returns (in the case of e-commerce)
We provide IT solutions
We optimize the cost structure, immediately generating hidden profits
We build the brand, its image, and create communication
We scale sales and develop marketing based on the business strategy
We guarantee the financial support needed to achieve the most ambitious plans
We provide legal support
As a result, the business owner can focus on being a visionary, relationships, the offer, and the product, while we take care of everything else, ensuring that as a holding company we deliver services that:
the business is always healthy and safe
accounting & legal off.
the business grows as fast as possible
marketing agency
the business has all the tools needed to achieve its goals
software house
the business has the best possible image
creative agency
the business has employees who know how important they are
event agency


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